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Friday, May 5, 2017

HS Mission Trip Stock Form - Invest in TPC Youth!

This summer our high school teens are traveling to Clendenin, West Virginia to serve with Next Step Ministries, which will be our fourth mission trip with Next Step. In late June 2016, massive flooding ravished through the Appalachian hills of West Virginia. In the days after the floods, community members, alongside Next Step volunteer teams, moved to neighboring towns to assist with the response efforts. For six weeks, Next Step teams “mucked” and assisted homes in nearby Clendenin, who experienced some of the worst flooding in West Virginia. Residents of Clendenin described the “whole town” as being under water, with floodwaters reaching nearly 35 feet in areas in the community. Our work this summer will include clean-up, interior repair work such as dry-wall and flooring, and possibly new home builds or remodels.

To help offset the cost of the trip (van rentals, gas, etc.), teens attending the mission trip will be selling TPC Stock on Sundays throughout May in Thompson Hall after the 10:00 a.m. service or you may print the form below and send it in to the Church office. Your monetary investment, as well as your prayers and support, will help provide a transforming experience for a teen, and help them serve with their hands, feet and heart. Stop by their table in TH to purchase shares (a single share is $5) and invest in our teens and the ministry they’ve been called to. Thank you!

TPC STOCK – 2017 HS Mission Trip to West Virginia

I pledge ______ shares at $5.00/share for a total of $_________ in support of the HS MISSION TRIP TO WEST VIRGINIA WITH NEXT STEP MINISTRIES this summer.

Please fill out all of the information below.

Name: __________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________

City, State & Zip code: _____________________________

Make checks payable to Towson Presbyterian Church and designate "HS Mission Trip" in the memo space. For more information contact Joel Strom (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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