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Heifer Project/ Honduras

PCUSA missionaries Tim & Gloria Wheeler champion Heifer Project efforts in creating healthier and stable communities in rural Honduras.  Each family receiving an animal gives one to the next family.  See www.heifer.org.  Current projects help the 95% of the population who have little access to dairy products, and help small landowners who need diversified and sustainable agriculture.

TPC also sponsors an annual intergenerational work camp in the spring.  Past camps have been involved in building houses and sanitation systems, and developing skills in carpentry, ceramics, sewing, and child development.  Come, join us!


Snyder Fund for international mission

The Snyder Fund supports hands-on mission involvement around the world from interest earned by the fund.  Currently it supports building and educational projects in Honduras and Guatemala. 

Akyem Ayinase

This congregation and preschool in tropical West Africa has had a lengthy relationship with TPC.  We have supported their ministry and service to the community contributing funds for pews, hymnals, Bibles and local outreach to children and families.

Kaqchikel Presbytery

TPC has joined the Presbytery of Baltimore's partnership with Kaqchikel Presbytery to help Mayan communities in Guatemala.  The communities include a clinic and a school that depend on contributions towards educational scholarships, safe & efficient Onil stoves, and potable water filters.  

United Church of Christ/ Phillippines

TPC Supports the efforts of the United Church of Chirst in northern Mindanao to feed children and provide medical care in Molave.  This area is populated mainly by small family farmers; the project feeds lunches to undernourished public elementary school children 2-3 times per week. 

Medical Benevolence Foundation

MBF is the overseas medical missionary arm of the PCUSA.  It raises awareness, as well as funds, recruits healthcare proessionals and provides hands-on care. See mbfoundation.org for more information.

Fair Trade Coffee Sale

Fair-traded means the beans have  been brought from a cooperative venture that insures the growers receive a fair market price for their coffee.  Shade-grown indicates that the coffee is grown in the shelter of larger trees which can be specialezed, such as bananas, or traditional shade trees.  This sort of farming practice is not just good for migratory birds, but also for the health of the land, the farmer and his family, and the good of the planet. 

By buying this coffee, we all can win three ways: we can take positive steps in active mission by working for eco-justice when we buy a fair-traded product; we can help restore and preserve God's world; and we can all enjoy a good cup of coffee! This coffee, grown in Central and South America and Tanzania, marketed by Equal Exchange, and endorsed by the Presbyterian Coffee Project, will be offered in convenient eight-ounce packages in a variety of roasts, including decaffeinated.


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