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Adult Ministries

What does it mean to be the Church? You are invited on a journey of growth to become all God wants us to be … a people who think deeply, and as a result, act with mercy and justice. As individual followers of Christ, we are called to discover the meaning of our discipleship within this community of faith and discover joy in the process.  Adult programs and events are planned to spark imagination, enhance fellowship with the family of faith, and empower embodiment of faith in the world.

TPC is fortunate to offer many church programs on Sunday mornings and during the week. Special programs are offered during the year including Music and Meditation in Lent, congregational and small group Bible and book studies, and varied fellowship opportunities.   

Current offerings will be listed in Adult Ministries' section of the church blog and in the current Adult Ministries Brochure.

Descriptions of Sunday morning and weekday classes/ small groups are available in the brochure.

Fellowship Small Groups


  • Time:  9:00 a.m.
  • Place:  Loch Raven Resevoir
  • Leaders:  Jen Bolster and Lyn Brooks
  • Purpose:  Enjoy Find support and friendship among other parents of young children.  

 Wine Tasting

  • Time & Place:  TBD
  • Leader: Lenore Chapman & Tad Lyon
  • Purpose:  Enjoy and explore the world of wine.  Group will entail three gatherings with two wines (white, red, and dessert) with charcuteries to “cleanse the palate,” and a modest dessert with the final paring.  Fee of $15 per participant.  

 Monday Night Football

  • Time & Place:  Will resume in Septmber 2018
  • Leaders:  Scott Krugman & Kevin McKenna  
  • Purpose: Gather for fun, fellowship, & football; make new friends


  • Time: Begins Sat., Sept.22 @ 8:00 a.m.
  • Place:  Loch Raven Reservoir (precise location TBA)
  • Leader:  Brenda Evans
  • Join in for a touch of Heaven on earth.  Fresh air, fitness, & fellowship.  (Running with time for water and walking breaks).  

 Discernment & Discovery Small Groups

 Animate: Faith

  • Time & Place: Weeks of Oct. 11 – Nov. 15;7:00 p.m. in the TPC Library
  • Leader:  Brian Simpson
  • Purpose:  Please see description on preceding page


Small Study Groups

 Gun Violence

  • TIme : Sundays and throughout the week Day time and evening
  • TPC and member's homes
  • Purpose: The PC(USA) has called churches to awaken to the faith dimensions of the on-going tragedy of gun violence in our country. 

 Documentary- Trigger : The ripple effect of Gun Violence

  • Sunday Sept. 23rd or 30th  at 11:30 a.m. in the Church Library
  • Friday Oct. 5 at 7:00 p.m. in Thompson Hall
  • Four week study group will start in October--- TBD

Bible Study - Reconciling Paul

  • Time and Place: Oct. 9,16,23 and 30 at Joan Pugh's Home @ 7:00 p.m.
  • Purpose: Deepen your understanding of the relevance of 2 Corinthians and how this New Testament letter connects with the struggles the church is experiencing in today's world.

Future Book Study

  • Time & Place: Buy the book in November in Thompson Hall; sign up for a Small Group that begins in January.
  • Purpose: In “Inhabiting Eden” OT Professor Patricia K. Tull looks to the Bible for what it can tell us about our relationships, not just to the earth itself, but also to plant and animal life, to each other, to descendants who will inherit the planet from us, and to our Creator.

Upcoming Small Groups

  • Theology on Tap
  • Faith and Fim
  • Spiritual Practices for Families
  • Grandparents as Faith Formers
  • Diners' Club

Additional Offerings

Women’s Retreat:

  • From March 1-2, 2019, explore author Brene Brown’s work from “Rising Strong.”

Faith Formation Playlists:

  • Faith Formation brought to you that’s accessible at home and on your own time.

Advent Prayer Partners:

  • Talk on the phone once a week during Advent with your prayer partner about things that really matter in your life, offer prayer requests…and then prayer together!

Click here for the Small Group Schedule


What is Small Group Ministry?

In short, it’s all about growing closer to others, and growing closer to God.  More specifically, Small Groups are safe places to explore an interest, engage a passion, serve a mission, or simply celebrate life with others. As such, Small Group Ministry isn’t about being an expert in anything, but simply desiring to do something with others who share a common interest.  

Small Groups are (obviously) small in size, in order to promote connections. Their size is generally limited to no more than 12 members.

Small Groups are also temporary in nature, meaning you can sign up for a group without committing years of your life away.  You can also be sure that, if you’re signing up for a Small Group for the  first time, so, too, will others in your group!  

Finally, all Small Groups begin and end in prayer—whether meeting in the church or a local ballpark.

Anyone can join any small group—all you need to do is sign up.  It’s simple!  It’s fun!  And it’s incredibly meaningful!  


The Types of Small Groups

Fellowship Groups focus on sharing an activity of common interest or enthusiasm with others who share that interest or enthusiasm.  These groups are wonderful ways for both new and long-term members alike to get to know one another, and more about themselves.  

Examples:  wine tasting, knitting, basketball, hiking, fishing, cooking, bowling

In Study Groups, participants explore (or study) a topic of interest (e.g. Scripture, books, beliefs, topical studies), and how their faith shapes the way they see the world.

Examples:  prayer groups, Bible studies, book discussions, topical studies, spiritual disciplines

Mission Groups involve participants in activities with a specific purpose of ministry.  These groups also help provide partnerships to fulfill mutual callings with similarly gifted and motivated people. 

Examples: mission trips, prison ministry, visitation care, social advocacy, environmental stewardship


Form A NEW Small Group

Have an interest you’d like to explore with others?

A topic you’d like to study?

A project you’d like to initiate or participate in?

Consider starting a Small Group, by talking with Pastors Rob or Joel.

Second Monday Book Group

This group meets on the second Monday of the month from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and goes by the name of Circle 13.  After a brief time of fellowship, the group gathers for a discussion of a pre-selected book.  This group meets in various members homes.  Please call the Church office for more details and the location of the next group.


Prayer Shawl Ministry

This group meets on the third and fourth Tuesday in the Library from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Do you like to knit or crochet? Would you like to join others from TPC in a unique ministry of care and prayer? Even if unable to join the group of committed knitters, you can be a part of this outreach ministry. Knit at home or at TPC. Shawls and lap blankets are made and given to those experiencing an illness or loss. Prayer cards are included and visits made to those in need of some TLC from TPC.  To find out more information about the Prayer Shawl Ministry, please use this form.


Outdoor Labyrinth and Community Garden

 We have an outdoor labyrinth on Highland Avenue. In ancient times, the labyrinth was a ritual walk to sites in the holy land to meet Jesus. Through the centuries, the labyrinth has evolved into intricate and simple patterns of walking to help people center and pray. The walk in itself inspires the silence and the joy of your soul. A mailbox on the path contains some suggestions for personal prayer.

 TPC has been working a Community Garden, donating vegetables and flowers to nearby ACTC - an assistance food center in Towson.  The garden is truly a community venture, with all ages working in it about eight months of the year.  We have expanded its reach by placing  a meditation area nearby, adding bird houses and a bee hive, and inviting campers from Camp BeeTree to visit and learn more about the garden in the summer.  Church school children visit in the spring.

Faith isn’t one among the many things of life;

it is the one thing by which we understand all of life.


How do we grow in faith?  How do we grow closer to God? 

Is worship enough?  Do we have to read Scripture?  What if we aren’t comfortable with the Bible?  Or prayer for that matter?

What if we struggle with doubts?  What if we have more questions than actual beliefs? 

What if we’re not even sure where to begin?  Or if we want to begin?


 OR, what if we have a relationship with God, but yearn to dig deeper, and long for opportunities to go deep with others? 

What if we know the love of God deep down to our toes, but aren’t comfortable sharing or talking about this love out loud? 


The Church should be the place for all these questions and concerns, hopes and struggles, just as the Church should be the place for every last soul who has ever experienced them.

At TPC, we are developing a brand-new spiritual formation program for adults that’s designed to offer everyone—regardless of where you are on your own spiritual journey—a chance to begin exploring your faith more intentionally. 

To be clear, the deep hope is that you will take one or some of these opportunities to step out onto the growing edge of your faith—wherever it may be—and explore your relationship with God in an accessible, judgment-free, communal environment. 

This fall-winter, TPC is offering a range of explorations and formation opportunities on Sunday mornings (mostly at 9:00 a.m. in the Library), and a new Small Group Ministry that will offer different groups at different times and places for all types of purposes.  Please explore our Sunday morning opportunities here, our Small Group ministries here, and additional offerings here.

Sunday Morning Book Group


This adult study groupis currently on break; but normally meets each Sunday morning from 9:00 to 9:45 a.m. to discuss the works of theologians, current authors, and related readings from the Bible.  Writings of a variety of Christian thinkers are chosen by class consensus for their inspiration about God at work in our lives and the challenges of Christian service in today’s world. we gather in the study of the balcony in the Sanctuary. Please use this form to find out more about the Sunday Morning Book Club.




For over 45 years, Towson Presbyterian Church has offered a class each Sunday morning for adults with special needs. Appropriate curriculum materials are utilized to teach the story of the love of God to our Heartlights class and to help our students profess their faith. The class is held each Sunday (September through May), from 10:00 a.m.  to 11:00 a.m. and includes a Bible lesson, prayer, crafts, and music. The class also participates in some Sunday services and attends some, or parts of, worship services through the year. New students are welcome at all times!

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